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About Sea Views

Sea View is an endless journey of luxury. With the a mystic blend of Sea charm, elegance, beauty and art, along with a 200 000 m2 beach. The fine dining, the Dancing Fountain, or the waterfalls, aren't even a fair description to start off with. long awaited vacation, weekend, or quick getaways midweek, could be turned from ordinary to fairy like! Abandon your usual and grip the unexpected. Don't just visit places, but own your vacation! Have your deluxe and unique real experience in Sea View North coast. Our fully secured resort comprises of 6 levels alt overlooking a stunning sea view that takes you into a different world






Start Area : 57m

Start Price : 710,000 EGP

Finishing : Fully Finished


Maintenance: 8%

Payment Plan : 10% Down Payment Over 6 Years equal installment .